Didn’t even have to go for pre-natal courses elsewhere

Even my extremely hard to please husband was willing to give him a try

I have to admit, Dr Lee wasn’t the 1st doctor that I have seen when I first knew that I was pregnant. It was my first child and I desperately needed a good doctor despite my financial diffculties. After seeing about 3 doctors, I decided to go with Dr Lee as he gave me the best ‘feel’, assuring me that I would be in good hands. Even my extremely hard to please husband was willing to give him a try. Dr Lee started with asking all the relevant questions regarding the pregnancy and listened patiently even when I threw him with tonnes of questions. During every visit, on top of routine check up for the baby, he would always prepare me with different knowledge that was essential for the pregnancy. I didn’t even have to go for pre-natal courses elsewhere as he had provided me with ALL the information needed..! He even provided us with his opinions on which hospital to go to, how to save cost when we are there, and I could feel that he genuinely cares for his patients (health & our pockets). During labour, while waiting for my crevix to dilate, my baby’s heartbeat went little unstable, and he rushed back and stayed throughout with me in the early morning at 4am! All his pre-talk during those visits came to use. I was able to focus properly and concentrate solely on following his instructions, which made the whole process so much easier. It felt as if I had been through it before despite that it was my first child. Even after giving birth, he continues to care for both myself and my baby, making sure that things are fine for us. The best part is…. I had paid a minimal sum of money in exchange for a World Class service! His professionalism is no doubt one of the best that I have seen! If I really do have to rate him, then it will be PERFECT…

Thank you Dr Lee for everything that you have done for us. Baby Ethan is extremely grateful for your help… : )


Lam LY

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