Views from … western & Chinese medical field

My wife Cathy and I will like to express our many thanks to you through Cathy’s first pregnancy. Thank you for being patient, truly caring for your patients/clients and also giving us assurance and the confidence that we are in good hands.

Since our first visit to your clinic, it became very clear that we couldn’t have made a better choice in switching to you from another gynae at the early stages of her pregnancy. We are also glad that you are also well-informed in the field of TCM and is able to offer us your views from both the western and Chinese medical field.

There is genuinity and sincerity in the way you treat and care for your patients and this instill confidence and trust in us and was especially valuable to us first-time parents.

We had already introduced 6-7 parents to engage your professional services and now, everytime I have my insurance clients who’s pregnant and looking for a good gynae, I just tell them to look no further cos you are great.

Once again, thank Dr James for taking the stress out of pregnancy, your patience, your professionalism and your fair prices 🙂

I will also like to compliment Peixin for her great customer service and always being understanding and very helpful to our requests. You have a very valuable help in Peixin and I wish both of you the very best in life and many thanks from the bottom of our hearts 🙂 Cheers

Jeremy & Cathy