His professionalism and expertise shone

From Pre-pregnancy checkups till post-baby delivery appointments, we had it at Dr James Lee Women’s Clinic. Of course, our Gynae, Dr James Lee, was the one attending to us from Day 0 till baby was born. Why day 0? Because we were trying and trying, Dr Lee patiently aided us in trying to call the stork over. He would tell us the reasons of behind unsuccessful conceiving and pointed to us ways to prevent them. He would give us all the facts straightforwardly without any sugar-coating which enticed us though we would get frustrated for some months as the stork has yet even to be seen flying around us.. he even introduced TCM to us to aid in our quest!

So when we got to know that the stork has finally hovered around, Dr Lee went full mode to take care of the pregnancy. He was very professional , set targets to adhere to (diet, weight, etc) and most importantly, very encouraging and patient too with our numerous enquiries and doubts ( first time parents!) When we were not sure of anything, we would called in, smsed his Assistant (the always radiant Pei Xin is another two thumbs up in service, she was always there to attend to us, yes.. after operating hours too and patiently slot us in for last minute appts) and Dr Lee would patiently attend to us and explained thoroughly. While the pregnancy blossomed in the nine months steadily, so did our relationship with Dr Lee as he would do scans after scans, explained all the test results to us and even gave tips on best timings to go for these tests to avoid peak periods! Nearing the delivery, we got more attention from him and gave more advises to aid in the delivery (yes, from eating specific fruits to all the type of exercises) and what to expect during delivery and post delivery. He respected our wants for the big day and addressed our needs closely SO when the big day came, his professionalism and expertise shoned as he had undoubtedly handled all sort of emergency labour but has prevented a C-Sect and received the baby safe and sound, calmly and perfectly! Follow-ups after delivery were also done and advises to handle a new life as new parents were given by him (from breastfeeding to sleep timetable haha)

As a whole, the whole child birthing process was a good experience and scored 11 out 10 for his sincerest genuity and no doubt we will still go back to Dr James Lee for No 2.. or 3?

Natra & her sidekick, Suhardi


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