Shared … so much useful information and knowledge

My husband and I would like to say a big, big, big thank you to Dr James Lee who safely delivered my second baby, and for showing so much care and attention during my three days of hospital stay. I still remember the day of my delivery; I actually started having contractions as early as 2am. I called up Dr Lee at 4.30am and as instructed by Dr Lee, I was admitted to Mount Elizabeth Hospital at 5.16am. Immediately the nurse checked on my condition and informed that I was about to deliver. At that moment I was so nervous and lost. Luckily, the next moment, Dr lee had  arrived and was there  to encourage me and helped me delivered my baby smoothly and safely. I’m really very grateful for the fast response by Dr Lee. As a second time mother, initially my husband and I wanted to continue to look for my first gynae; unfortunately her Clinic was closed on that day. Left with no other choice, we need to look for another gynae immediately due to my urgent case. Thank God, we were so lucky to find Dr Lee. Dr  Lee, a patient and approachable gynae who not only has given me attentive checkups, has also shared with me so much useful information and knowledge about pregnancy care. If I were going to have a third baby, Dr Lee is definitely a YES to be my gynae again.

Pauline Chen

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