Pacify all our fears

Dr Lee was more than what we could have ever wanted from a gynecologist. We didn’t have an easy pregnancy but Dr Lee was there all throughout guiding us and ensuring we delivered a healthy baby. Most doctors won’t spend more than 10 minutes with their patients. But every prenatal session with Dr Lee would almost always be for about 40 minutes. He would pacify all our fears and answer all our never ending questions with a lot of patience. This would also mean that the waiting time at the clinic can be a little long (a small price to pay for our peace of mind ultimately). The kind of care we were provided surpassed all our expectations. We have gone to a lot of doctors in Singapore over the years but have never come across one who is so dedicated to his job, so much that he doesn’t even eat lunch! Pity he isn’t a pediatrician as well.


Jun 2019

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