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It was a lucky random google search I must say. Leading us to  such an awesome gynae for my first baby.   Dr Lee is what every mother looks for in a Gynae. Patient, caring, knowledgeable, experienced and most importantly, assuring.

He sure knows his stuff well. At every check-up, he would patiently enlighten us with what to expect in the upcoming weeks progressively. He was very detailed, despite the fact that he would have repeated the same “lesson” for upteen times to other mothers. I didnt have to google much. He taught it all. We were never lost.

Without a doubt, there would always be some worries. Dr Lee would answer all  our queries and reassure us.

His sharing of how the contractions would go about gave me mental preparation before the big day comes. Dr Lee also taught of effective ways to relieve the pain. Him giving me homework to practice on my pushing/breathing technique did help me alot during the actual delivery. I would say my delivery time was considerably short cos of him.

I wasn’t expecting Dr Lee’s visit at the hospital after delivering. There, he ensured  that i was well informed of what to do/not to do/what to expect in the upcoming week. He was also concerned for the baby, making sure i do my “homework” to ensure that the baby will be well fed.

He is definitely one experienced gynae who taught us alot. More than we expected. Thank you Dr Lee for the amazing 40 week-journey. We really appreciate your expertise, patience and sincerity. Till the next baby!


We would also like to thank Dr Lee’s friendly and caring assistant, one who would help me with a few of my enquiries every now and then. Thank you Pei Xin! You’re like the cherry on top of an ice cream cone. ahahaha okay cheesy. See you around yeah!

Mei Qi, Ben and Baby Evan

He touches our hearts … being the sincere gynae

Thank God we met Dr James Lee! This is my 2nd pregnancy. First was with another gynea. Heard from friends and neighbours that we should try James and we were glad our decision is right. His cost is reasonable, a patient and funny gynea which is a blessing to us. We enjoyed every visit to his clinic, he did not rush us during the checks and consultation sessions. He patiently answered all our doubts and queries.

I had a rough time in the hospital to breastfeed my baby. He encouraged me, asked me to persevere to the end. He touches our hearts being the sincere gynae next door! Thumbs up to Dr James Lee! In addition, Peixin is a great assistant to Dr Lee too! She is helpful, resourceful and patient.  We will surely recommend friends to James Lee Women’s Clinic.


Stephanie Cheng and Kenneth