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5 Reasons Why Robot Assisted Gynecological Surgery Is Better

Robot Assisted Laparoscopic Surgery aims to further improve the supreme capabilities of Minimal Access Surgery, represented hitherto by Conventional Laparoscopic Surgery.

Without contention, Robot Assisted Surgery rides on the already established strengths of conventional laparoscopy; namely,

    (1) small incisions,
    (2) less pain,
    (3) less scarring,
    (4) less blood loss and less need for blood transfusions,
    (5) less risk of post-surgery infection,
    (6) short hospital stay,
    (7) faster recovery, and
    (8) quicker return to work.

More importantly, Robot Assisted Surgery excels conventional laparoscopy in FIVE ATTRIBUTES.

Robotic Surgery is Better
    (1) Three Dimension vision; the surgeon operates in real 3D vision,
    (2) Direct Eye-Hand co-ordination; the surgeon controls the endoscope and see where his hands are operating,
    (3) Use of 7-degrees-of-freedom instruments that allow 270 degrees-of-movement, and this improved dexterity enables (a) access to deep and awkward recesses, (b) easier suturing, and (c) easier knot-tying,
    (4) Cancellation of surgeon’s tremor, accomplishing outcomes with greater precision,
    (5) Amplified vision, enabling micro-surgery with accompanying fine instruments.


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