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Reasons For Terminating A Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy occurred unintended. It came about for various reasons; by ignorance of body workings, miscalculation, reckless behavior and out-right irresponsibility. In the small number of non-consensual sexual connection, that was the result of abuse and assault.

A woman may decide on the unplanned pregnancy on impulse, or having considered the options over many weeks and months. We recognize that the decision making process is affected by the woman’s age, personal beliefs/ethos, marital status, social support system, financial attributes, religious-cultural backgrounds and health factors. Across many countries, the most frequently cited reasons to seek abortion are socio-economic concerns and limiting childbearing. It is obvious that financial circumstances significantly influence a woman’s reproductive decision making.

In the early 2000s, a Swedish study reported the reasons for induced abortion as (1) desire to postpone childbearing (60%), (2) partner related concerns (32%), and being financially unprepared (32%). A 2004 US survey found that abortion was sought mainly for lack of financial preparedness (56%), partner related issues (55%) and interference with future opportunities (54%). Similarly, in the Singapore setting, women have abortions for many reasons, and these vary across socio-demographic characteristics, cultural practice and expectations and access to affordable health service. In today’s Singapore social climate, the high cost of child bearing and education, and the diminishing kins’ support for child-care, feature prominently in determining the desired number, timing and spacing of births.

Expressed reasons for seeking abortion in Singapore

A summary of the reasons put forward by women who sought abortion in Singapore is as below:
Young girls
    Not in stable relationship
    Not mature enough to child-bearing
    Not financially capable (no job, still studying)
    Presumed parental / family objection
    Interferes with future opportunities (study)
>Young adult women
    Not emotionally or mentally prepared
    Wants to postpone childbearing (to fulfil other aspirations)
    Not financially prepared (to work more to save up)
    Not in stable relationship (uncertain of marital commitment)
    Interferes with future opportunities (career development)
    Never wanted a child (prefers no-child family)
    Does not accept to place child for adoption
Older adult women
    Wants to postpone childbearing (too close to previous child)
    Not financially prepared (thin resources for more children)
    Partner related (marital instability)
    Potential risk to pregnancy/fetal health
    Need to focus attention of existing child/children
    Enough children (completed family)
    Fetal anomaly
    Maternal ill-health


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