You showed me lots of care and attention

Just want to say a big “Thank you” for being my gynae. You are the first gynae that I know, and I am sure you will be my gynae again if I am going to have a second baby. I remember the very first time I met you, I felt that you were the “right” person. You cared about me a lot when I visited you one morning when I felt unwell. Since then, I would always remind myself that you are a good doctor. You safely delivered my baby. This I will never forget in my whole lifetime. The three days in hospital, you showed me lots of care and attention. I am very grateful for that. You cared a lot about my well-being. So ladies, you can be rest assured Dr James Lee will take good care of you. Lastly, you are also very experienced. I am sure your patients will not regret if they have chosen you as their gynae.


Shu Wen

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