We looked forward to every visit

After having a D&C procedure done at Dr Lee’s clinic, my husband and I decided to return when I became pregnant again. We found Dr Lee to be highly professional, patient, reassuring, caring; in short every attribute there is to an excellent doctor. We looked forward to every visit as we know he will impart useful tips and knowledge as my pregnancy progresses. Dr Lee is also never selfish with his time. He explains in detail what his patients need to know – something not all doctors would do. His cheerful disposition and jokes always cheer us up as anxious first-time parents. We sincerely would like to thank Dr Lee for his care and guidance these past 9 months. We could not ask for more. Lastly, we would definitely recommend Dr Lee to our friends who are finding a good gynaecologist. Dr Lee, you rock!

Sharini & Fadli

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