We both knew our baby will be in his safe hands

We want to express our sincere gratitude for Dr James for taking such good care of me during the pregnancy journey. So would want to share our wonderful experience here.

Frankly speaking, Dr James is not any of my friend’s referral gynae. We handpicked through a random internet search and chance upon Dr James’ blog. Such wonderful stories that attracted us and we both enjoyed reading them. After the first visit, we decided that he should be the one that we can turn to for advices and pregnancy care.

Dr James is a very patient doctor who will always answer any questions. He is the one who always ask me whether do i have any doubts as I do not know what to expect during different trimesters. We both knew our baby will be in his safe hands.

Indeed the whole pregnancy journey was smooth sailing and his service did not end there. He will make personal calls to you nearing your delivery to ensure you are aware of the situations that may be present so that you can remain calm. He visited us everyday during my stay in hospital to “check” us out. Very kind gesture indeed. My breastfeeding experience was uncomfortable but somehow I did not give up after listening to his advice.

Thank you Dr James for your reassurance and questioning behind every “silly” things i want to do for my pregnancy. Sometimes pregnant ladies just do not think twice probably because they are too tired. Not forgetting the always chirpy clinic assistant Peixin who is so attentive and detailed.


Yee Peng & Stanley

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