Strategy to apply … don’t intend to use epidural

Dy and I were really uncertain about our pregnancy in the beginning. See, we didn’t exactly plan this and we didn’t know what to expect. Thanks to Dr. Lee, we were assured during our very first visit. He was patient and there’s this calmness with the way he spoke that sort of assure us that we are able to do this. I remember when we walked out of the clinic, Dy was commenting on how he think Dr Lee is a good doctor and we should ‘sign on’ until baby is delivered.

So we did and we are really glad, he is consistently this nice!

So…9 months down, my baby arrived 2 weeks before his EDD and thankfully we were prepared because Dr Lee did mention this can happen. He taught us many things including the strategy to apply if we don’t intend to use epidural. And it worked. 🙂

So now, baby is sitting next to me as I type this and I can’t thank Dr Lee enough for helping Dy and myself. If we intend to have no. 2, we know surly who to go back to!

Also, a big thank you to Peixin, who is ever so sweet and helpful! Her sunshine smile never fail to brighten up my evening especially on days when I had a hard day at work.


Pei Jia

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