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I am Udhayarani Sathiyavelu from India, this is my first pregnancy and ours is a planned pregnancy. When we were waiting for the pregnancy test, I was literally scared (equally my husband) no idea about the treatment and gynae in Singapore.

When my husband went to collect our test results he found Dr. Lee’s clinic and he said let us try and if everything goes fine lets continue the treatment with him.

I was so worried; trust me just by the first visit both me and my husband got 200% confidence that we are fine under the arms of Dr. Lee, He was that caring, very friendly, informative and practical.

We were alone our elders were in India ,earlier even they were worried as how we are going to manage alone, but later they had big relief when we told them about Dr. Lee. Each visit he would boost me up with lots and lots of courage and comfort me with his care. I felt like I am with my Mom. Every stage he gave us detailed explanation about how the baby is, what my body is undergoing and how I should co-op with it. I have never attended any prenatal course, Dr. Lee would load us with complete knowledge about the pregnancy and what to expect next other than his regular check up.

When I was 4 months pregnant the house contract was about to complete and we were very sure not to change the residence, bcoz mainly we don’t want to go to an other doctor other than Dr. Lee.

Every visit before labor he explained the importance of breast feeding, how I should prepare for it, initial problems I may get, also types of delivery, details about each one and how I should be ready for it, what are the possible symptoms that I m in labor etc…. so patiently without any hurry or just for duty, you could see motherliness and concern in each word he says and care for you…..I believe no doctor will be this sincere or truly caring to there patient.

During my Labor which continued for almost more than 15hrs…he stayed with us through out the night till early morning 3 am…and in last minute we have to go up with C-section as the baby started moving backward and his heart beat become unstable I was really worried and unhappy…bcoz I want to have my baby naturally. But Dr. Lee was unbelievably patient and able to console and comfort me advising that C-section is no sin. He explained the risk and made me feel better (his earlier checkup session about the pros and cons of C-section helped me a lot to go on with it). He is so professional and skillful that he took the baby out and I could hear his loud cry…I was very fine…even I was able to get out of my bed and walk on the same day eve.

His details on breast feeding helped me a lot in feeding my little one without much concern. My mom or in-laws were unable to fly to Singapore to take care of me, as they had some issues in the visa. He is our biggest moral support that I recovered better health after my delivery and take good care of my baby with out any physical help.

All the packages are very reasonable and affordable. He suggested good and affordable hospitals also. He will never encourage any unnecessary expenses like suggesting try this brand, etc. even if you ask him let me try this and that. He would say that’s not going to make any difference so don’t waste money (unless it is really needed) not only you and your baby, even your pockets are safe under his treatment.

Even after delivery he didn’t think “Ok my job is done”…he still takes care of us. Giving us complete knowledge about how the upcoming days would be, when we can plan for another baby (if we want to), about my health etc…He is simply Excellent and perfect…

Hats off Dr. Lee…..You are the best…

Me and My husband take high privilege in thanking you for everything you have done to us….we are very grateful to you…without you we don’t think our son “Lochanaditya” would be in our arms healthy and smiling.

I would like to appreciate the support of the lady nurses as well. They were very friendly, concerned and polite……..

Any confusion about which gynae to select…..I would highly recommend Dr. Lee…….

“You and your baby are under safe arm.”

Thanking You…….


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