Pregnancy advice systematically according to our monthly progress

James Lee is a great doc!
It was my first pregnancy and we were introduced to Dr James Lee by my sister-in-law.

He don’t rush through consultation and he gave pregnancy advice systematically according to our monthly progress, which my friends’ gynaes mostly didn’t do so.
He was patient and attentive to all our enquiries and silly questions. (Since we were 1st time parents,haha)

The stitching was great, had no complication and I can walk and pee with ease after delivery.
His rates are reasonable too.

We are kinda sad to come to the end of the pregnancy and will definitely miss the consultation visits at James Lee clinic!!

As for clinic nurse, he has a great assistant who is responsible and manages appt well.
I usually wait less than half hr for my turn. The most is 1 hr..Which only happen twice.
This is considered very good as compared to my friends’ gynae visits which normally need to wait for 1hr.

We are truly grateful and fortunate to engage Dr Lee as our gynae who made this 39 weeks of pregnancy a pleasant and memorable experience!

Nicole Tan & Sam Liu

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