My delivery was smooth & successful

I’ll like to say a big “Thank you” to Dr Lee and Peixin for helping me throughout my treatment to conceive to my pregnancy and smooth delivery. It was very comfortable talking to Dr Lee about my concern during my 1st visit. He is very patient and knowledgeable in both western and TCM. I was successfully conceive within a year after his treatment and monitoring. Throughout my pregnancy, he explain to me everything that I need to take note of at each stage of pregnancy, it was very useful. My delivery was a smooth and successful one after his advise on the “pushing technique” and procedures etc. I’ll definitely go back to Dr Lee for my 2nd and future babies, and recommend my relatives and friends.  Lastly, also like to compliment Peixin for her friendly front desk service and her effort to remind patients about their next check-up.


Li Sar

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