Making the impossible possible

First of all, I would like to thank Dr James Lee for being my gynae and also the clinic staff Pei Xin and Adeline. Dr James Lee is always so patient listening to our problems and  no matter what problem we are facing, he will try to counsel and help us. Dr James Lee is really a good, friendly, wonderful & responsible doctor. As this was my first pregnancy, he explained all details clearly and it really helped me alot. Having a good gynae is really very important during pregnancy and I was really lucky to have Dr James Lee to be my gynae throughout the 40 weeks. I was so scare and nervous as this was my first pregnancy, but Dr James Lee keep ensuring me that it will be fine and painless. Every check up I went, he will check very detail and carefully. When he was scanning and showed me my baby inside my tummy, the feeling was so great! With him around, my baby girl arrived this world safely and perfectly. He helped me delivered a very pretty princess to my world. Now my life is so perfect and blissful cos of the little life joining. All thanks to Dr James Lee for making the impossible possible. If I have a 2nd baby, I will definitely go back to him again. Once again, a big thanks to Dr James Lee and the clinic staff.


Carolyn Ye

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