Lots of tips in conditioning my body for a smooth labour

I found Dr James Lee’s clinic when I was trying to conceive my 2nd child. After he had patiently explained the different fertility treatments available and consideration of my health status, he suggested one he deemed most suitable for me. I conceived after just 2 treatment cycles. Subsequently my pregnancy was plagued with mild complications including presence of blood clots, risks of pre-term labour and pauses in fetal growth. My anxiety grew with every of such detections. But Dr Lee was always ready to answer all my questions during every consultation in an unhurried manner, giving me the much needed assurance. He also gave a lot of tips in conditioning my body for a smooth labour. I delivered my baby just after 20 minutes of pushing! Dr James Lee is an excellent doctor possessing not just experience and expertise, but also empathy for his patients. From my personal experience in going through a pregnancy term with anxieties, I was glad to have him as my gynaecologist to care for my baby and answer all my queries.

Dawn L

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