“I did it with one push”

I ‘have done it with one push!’ All thanks to Dr James…

This happen to be my second birth. Me and hubby were looking for a better Doctor instead of going back to my previous one whom we felt did not provide the necessary support and advice that a profession should give.

After seeing Dr James for the first check up, my hubby and I decided to sign the antennal package from his clinic in Toa Payoh. Apart from the charges being reasonable, Dr Lee’s friendliness and willingness to give advices (necessary ones) are some initial reasons why we chose him. I would definitely recommend him to all first timer mummies. He will be able to guide you along at every stage at every check up. You can ask him any questions and he will answer you in detail.

The difference between Dr James and other Doctors is the structured advice and planning that he creates for each of his patient. At every visit, I would be updated on the status of the pregnancy, recap what happen in the last visit;  what to look out for in weeks to come and prepare myself as I proceed into each trimester (such as how to breathe and positioning myself for smooth delivery when its closer to the EDD). That sort of continuous engagement and guidance is what every pregnant mummy should get because every pregnancy is different and unique. The engagement doesn’t stop when I delivered, Dr Lee continue to do his visits and advice me according, something that I did not experience in my first delivery.

The clinic was well furnished but it’s the little things plus care and consideration that made the difference; for example I don’t have to tilt my body sideways to see my baby’s image from the ultrasound machine as there is another TV screen placed right in front of me (mummy’s will know what I mean).

Last but not least, we would also like to thank Pei Xin. This young and pretty assistant of Dr James was very helpful and instrumental to the good experience we had with him! Such as she never fails to call me as a reminder a day before the appointment date and she always carries a warm smile whenever we sees me and my hubby at the clinic which really makes our day.  A good doctor is the not complete without good support!

My daughter (Venus) was delivered by Dr Lee on 1st March 2013. It was a successful delivery; Dr James said ‘I ‘have done it within 1 push’ and I couldn’t have done it without the good doctor’s advice and care over the last 8 1/2 months! THANK YOU Dr James!

Tham Sherrie Kelvin Poh Venus Poh Xuan Xuan

Sherie Tham, Kelvin & Venus Poh

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