He touches our hearts … being the sincere gynae

Thank God we met Dr James Lee! This is my 2nd pregnancy. First was with another gynea. Heard from friends and neighbours that we should try James and we were glad our decision is right. His cost is reasonable, a patient and funny gynea which is a blessing to us. We enjoyed every visit to his clinic, he did not rush us during the checks and consultation sessions. He patiently answered all our doubts and queries.

I had a rough time in the hospital to breastfeed my baby. He encouraged me, asked me to persevere to the end. He touches our hearts being the sincere gynae next door! Thumbs up to Dr James Lee! In addition, Peixin is a great assistant to Dr Lee too! She is helpful, resourceful and patient.  We will surely recommend friends to James Lee Women’s Clinic.


Stephanie Cheng and Kenneth

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