He listened to our problem

Two weeks ago, we were lost and anxious for a few days when XX hospital called us and informed that one of our twins had some abnormal finding in the detail-scan. We are glad that we met Dr Lee. We actually approached him very suddenly to seek a second opinion. He is approachable and patient. He listened to our problem and immediately gave us the referral letter to a second hospital for a repeat fetal anomaly scan. The next day, we went through the scan a second time. We met Dr Lee the same day with the report. He clearly explained the results. Thanks to God! Both our baby are normal. We truly appreciated Dr Lee for being so patient with us, and took effort to eliminate our worries. We felt very comfortable with him and the nurses in the clinic are friendly and helpful too. The waiting time is not too long and the cost is reasonable. We will surely recommend Dr Lee to our friend.

Once again, Dr Lee thank you very much!

Lawrence & Vijane

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