Every checkup is a pleasant experience

When I first found out I was pregnant, I wanted to visit the gynae that my sister are using, but luckily, seriously, that the clinic are too busy and next appt have to wait till 2 weeks later. I google for clinics in Toa Payoh and decided to visit Dr James. I call up for an appointment and luckily, seriously, there are slots available! =)

First contact with Dr James were very pleasant, although my pregnancy are still very early stage, Dr James patiently advised me of what I should and should do/eat during this first trimester.

Following on, I sign up the ante-natal package. Every checkup is a pleasant experience. Dr James is very patient, have answers to all my questions, on TCM and even those which are superstitious and hear say, which I wanted to finds out Doc’s view on it.

As the ETD approaching, Dr James started a small tutorial after my every checkup to pre-empt me on what to expect during labour, what kind of pain relieve method, how to efficiently use them, what difficulties I will encounter during labour etc.. This makes me and my hub have a better preparation of what to expect and make efficient decision in times of emergency.

I gave birth to baby Michela on 31/12/2013. Since I was very well prepared and knowing what to expect, the process went on very smoothly. Follow on in the hospital, He check on me everyday until I was discharge and had make sure I was fine and had chat with me about my well being, teaching me on what to expect now given birth, on breast feeding, on baby. Dr James also taught me on breast feeding and what to do to stimulate the breast “factory” to produce more milk! Everything went on well, I did not use a single piece of frozen cabbage/hot pack until now~

I am really lucky to chance on Dr James and really felt that he is very sincere in his job and are professional in his job and you can feel his passion!

No doubt, I have share my experience with my sisters and friends. Some commented that their gynae practically did not say much and only do usual ultrasound and just said “all is fine”. I will definitely go back to Dr James for my no.2 and more (if he have yet to retire) =)

Thank you Dr James and PeiXin for all the care and concern during my pregnancy!!

With Love, Pamela, Aaron and Baby Michela God Bless+

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