Encourage to .. facilitate the cervix to open

Sye Shan and I would like to “Thank You” for being our first gynae, and to assist us in our first pregnancy. Yes, it was a smooth and safe delivery on 25 August 2012, 1223 hours at Thomson Medical.

What we went through was like a TV-drama. It started as an unplanned pregnancy and we intended to adopt away the baby. At our first consultation with Dr James Lee, he counselled us and patiently explained what we would be going through in the pregnancy. At the end of it, we changed our mind, decided to keep the baby for ourselves and carry on with life.

I still remember our last visit to the clinic; after the initial check up, we were told that the baby would not be coming so soon as the neck of the womb was not yet “opened”. We were encouraged to eat more fruits and walk more stairs to facilitate the cervix to open. One day later, my wife complained that she was suffering from the “waved” pains every 5 minutes around midnight. I called Dr James Lee early next morning, and was asked to visit the clinic ASAP. After examining my wife, he did not comment much, but described that the cervix had “开到完了”. We were immediately bundled to the hospital. Our baby was delivered within two hours after admission.

Dr James provided an excellent and tactful service throughout the pregnancy. Thank you for bringing a new life to our family. Last but not least, we would also like to thank PeiXin (Clinic Staff Nurse), she is a helpful and tactful girl. Thank you for helping us to schedule our appointments and also weigh my wife (whahaha) every visit. Wishing you good luck for your coming wedding.

Overall Dr James and PeiXin, we will give you a 10/10 for the service provided. Thank you.


Sye Shan and Steven Ng

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