Confused With “Contradictory” Advice

Dear Dr Lee

Although some of my tests – glucose, cervix check/swab – and discussions – “oh we haven’t talked about pushing?! we will talk about it in the delivery room should you pop coming week” – are a little late… Although sometimes from week to week I get confused with your “contradictory” advice – one week I think you say I can try epi-free, the very next week I shouldn’t be so gung-ho (I must confess though sometimes my husband and I walked out of the very same consult with different interpretation). And sometimes you have no recollection of what you said just last week… Although you “scared” me into thinking head still not engaged at 38 weeks and when I asked about it on the day of induction, you coolly said “aiya, head sure drop one”…

Despite of all of the above, we still have ABSOLUTE faith in you helping us navigate this not exactly the most smooth sailing 40 week journey to deliver a 3.5kg baby!! So here’s a lttle note to say a BIG thank you!! Am going to type it out as I guess you are very used to reading neatly typed clinic notes (love how organized those are) and my handwriting is worse than the notorious doc’s!


Baby Enn & Proud Parents

Thank you for your super patience in giving detailed topical advice after each scan. It is super useful for “super chillax”/ignorant parents like us who are unaware of what we must know and hence not prepare many questions on our end. I cannot imagine how many times you have repeated these words to your countless patients yet you never rushed thru them/neglected the fact that we are hearing these precious advices for the first time.

We also appreciate your 用心良苦 in highlighting some of the “scarier” potential problems during pregnancy. While they are not so pleasant to hear, they are so important in helping us make informed decisions, many if not all are often not clear easy black and white decisions that have to be made in a frenzy during labour. Not forgetting the unorthodox advice of pineapples and other tips! My mom was so shocked to see 2 pineapples in my kitchen and I simply shrug and say “my gynae say can eat:)”. Heh. One surprising outcome of this pregnancy is how my husband and I became pineapple converts. We so miss the juiciness of the fruit!!!:)

Last but not lease, thank you for being not simply a (good!) doctor, but more importantly a doctor with a heart!! The reason why we came to you for the 2nd pregnancy was because when we came to you for a second opinion for the first, you said the most comforting words a Doc could say then beyond the medical facts. You pointed out the hint of rainbow amidst the storm then when you said “3 months of trying was fast and we could try again soon”. Ha. When I was on the high of emotions and hormones post-labour, I was actually quite inspired by you (as well as the nurses) to go this extra mile for my students too…

So THANK YOU again for being our most wonderful gynae (: We will miss your jokes (it’s a very acquired sense of humour though) and we hope to see you real soon for another 40-week journey!!!

Warmest regards,
Shuyun, Xiankan and Baby Enn

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