Both me and my sister are your patients

Dear Dr Lee

This is my first pregnancy and I am very happy that I have chosen to see you. Every visit you will give advice and prepare my husband and I for the delivery, the things to expect on the day of labour and breastfeeding etc. I almost gave up natural delivery and wanted to go for c sect. When you came to see me in the hospital, you were very assuring and told me not to worry. I was depressed during labour but I was not worried as I trust you and I know I am in good hands. The stitches were done well as I have minimal to no pain and I could walk the following day.

I have gastric problem and cramp throughout my pregnancy and you were very understanding. You would always follow up with me during the review and encourage me to continue eating and rest more.

I would also like to compliment the nurse, Joanna, who is very responsible and has great customer service. She will always give a call back to me if I needed some advice from you.

Both me and my sister are your patients. We will definitely go back to you again. Thank you!

Rachel. Jun 2019

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