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Pacify all our fears

Dr Lee was more than what we could have ever wanted from a gynecologist. We didn’t have an easy pregnancy but Dr Lee was there all throughout guiding us and ensuring we delivered a healthy baby. Most doctors won’t spend more than 10 minutes with their patients. But every prenatal session with Dr Lee would almost always be for about 40 minutes. He would pacify all our fears and answer all our never ending questions with a lot of patience. This would also mean that the waiting time at the clinic can be a little long (a small price to pay for our peace of mind ultimately). The kind of care we were provided surpassed all our expectations. We have gone to a lot of doctors in Singapore over the years but have never come across one who is so dedicated to his job, so much that he doesn’t even eat lunch! Pity he isn’t a pediatrician as well.


Jun 2019

Assuring and explained what to expect

Dr James Lee is very professional and provided great medical support throughout both my pregnancies. Being a first-time mom going through all the various body changes and much anxiety, Dr Lee was assuring and explained what to expect for each trimester and answered all our questions professionally. I was always looking forward to each checkup. Both pregnancies were rather a smooth sailing under his care which he had provided lots of patience and assurance, which was much needed for new parents and even 2nd-time parents. After labor and while still in the hospital, he will make his rounds and visited me every morning (even on Sunday) to ensure that I was recovering well from my labor.
P/S: the appointment time could be better managed as we usually need to wait at least 30-60mins for our turn.

Nonetheless, our heartfelt appreciation to Dr Lee. I am thankful that you are my gynae and both my kids were delivered in good hands. Thank you for providing the assurance, care and professionalism throughout both my pregnancies.

Take care!
Aik Ru, Jianwen &
Elroy & Elva ◡̈

Jun 2019

Compassionate and engaging OBGY – beyond medical knowledge and surgical skills

When my husband and I were trying for a baby, colleagues and friends who were Dr Lee’s former patients had highly recommended him. At that time we were already seeing a very experienced and renowned obstetrician, however we were often rushed out of the consultation room and had even felt afraid to ask questions. Feeling dissatisfied, we decided to switch obstetrician and give it a try with Dr Lee. Besides competency and track record, we truly value good bedside manners which unfortunately is not a given. So imagine our excitement when Dr Lee checked all these criteria boxes during our first visit with him!

Dr Lee always treated us with sincerity and professionalism throughout the 10 months of pre-natal, delivery and post-natal journey. Each visit started with a recap of the previous consultation and how I felt since then, before proceeding for ultrasound scan to check on the baby’s progress and ending with a Q&A discussion as well as an outline of the next steps. (PS: I felt respected that the visit did not start with me being in a half-undressed state on the examination table, an unpleasantness which I had to go through with the previous obstetrician.) Not only were his diagnoses accurate, Dr Lee also ensured that I understood the clinical significance behind each of his responses. In addition he is very pragmatic and ethical, and did not prescribe unnecessary medical procedures or advocate expensive organic supplements.

Being a first-time expecting mother, I naturally had a lot of doubts and worries which Dr Lee would address and put to rest one by one. No questions were considered silly to him and I could freely enquire within the safe walls of his office. One area which I found particularly outstanding about Dr Lee was the structured curriculum he had put together to gear up his patients for the finale; these topics included pain relief options, pushing and instrumentation. When I shared this with friends around me, they were extremely impressed as they did not have such discussions with their obstetricians and in fact were simply told to “follow instructions while in the delivery suite”.

Dr Lee’s patient-centric approach was perhaps most evident during the delivery. Being pro-natural, he encouraged me to press on despite the long period of induction. Even the hospital nurses commented I was very fortunate to have Dr Lee, as other obstetricians would have ordered a caesarean surgery by then in order to save their time. He also visited me more than once each day, and took time at the ward explaining about breastfeeding challenges and confinement myths.

To sum up, Dr Lee not only lived up to the amazing stories recounted by our friends but in fact far exceeded all expectations we had. The level of care demonstrated, reassurance provided and knowledge imparted made us feel immensely at ease throughout the entire pregnancy. We went into the hospital for labour confident that we were in the best hands, and the proof was in the smooth delivery of our healthy baby as well as my quick post-natal recovery. We are deeply grateful towards Dr Lee and cannot recommend him enough.

Best regards,
Huiyu and Chen Hwee, 10-Jun-2019