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Decisive, Pragmatic and Communicates Clearly

Decisive, Pragmatic and Communicates Clearly

My wife and I had been trying for a baby for a while, seeing different gynaes for different checks. Saying goodbye to each gynae after each appointment. Some use medical jargons that I simply cannot understand, some were indecisive with their assessment, some require excessive diagnosis, and some were just PR experts….

We succeeded a month before our IVF appointment and scrambled for a new gynae.

Dr Lee is none of the above and we were impressed from the first visit. First of all, he explained what were the important and unnecessary tests/diagnosis. It was like a Myth Buster session for us.

He uses simple words to communicate all issues in a clear and concise manner.

For those who have been through the compulsory counseling sessions at hospitals that are confusing, unsettling and depressing; he made them so simple that when I recalled the same facts presented to me at the hospital, the information were actually pretty encouraging and with straightforward decisions.

He doesn’t beat around the bush to communicate what you have done wrong in the pregnancy so that you understand and remember. He does give the FU YUANHUI (Internet sensation of Rios Olympics) look sometimes when you surprise him by reading up more than what is expected of you.

Mostly important, by going straight to the point, the time savings was significant and he uses those time to patiently explain the pre-natal, delivery and post-natal issues. One topic per visit, in a very systematic manner, and he makes sure you understood his points before walking out the room.

He is decisive and assuring.

Since most of the delivery issues were already discussed before my wife was admitted as mentioned above, we knew almost exactly what would be happening. Just need a little more assurance from him that day to reaffirm our earlier decisions.

The post-delivery visits to his clinic was also an educational journey like the earlier sessions. I learnt more than what I expected of myself at the start of the journey and Dr Lee was the catalyst.

When the anxiety is at an all-time high in fathers-to-be and hormones go crazy in mothers-to-be, Dr Lee is the gynae that you want to steer you in the right directions throughout the journey.

He has clinics at Novena and Bishan. The latter is very accessible and with ample parking lots. I choose him because of his previous Toa Payoh clinic which has ample parking as well, but his new Bishan location is even better.

Last but not least, his clinic is well-run with two capable, friendly and very professional assistants. So, we will be back!