Monthly Archives: March 2014

Support Through The Challenges Of Pregnancy

I came to know Dr. Lee after having tried unsuccessfully to conceive for about 2 years. He would go through and  explained the different fertility treatments available but would suggest us in taking oral medications first to see if situations improved. I was successfully conceived within months after his treatment and monitoring (no expensive treatments were used). Throughout the entire pregnancy journey, every visit to his clinic was a wonderful experience. Dr. Lee is really a good, friendly, wonderful and responsible doctor, not only did he share his valuable experience and thoughts to us, he is also very encouraging and patiently answered all our doubts and queries. I would say that he is the doctor who will be able to help you with all fertility issues as well as to support you through the challenges of pregnancy , and later to advise on and manage the birth of your baby. If I have a 2nd baby, I will definitely go back to him again. Once again, a big thanks to Dr. Lee and his clinic staffs ! We sincerely appreciate for your precious advices and assistance throughout these 9 months. Cheers!!


Jessie and Chee Meng