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High risk pregnancy with a large fibroid

I  came across Dr Lee’s clinic while using the internet.  His hours were v gd for working me and i didn’t have to miss work to do my antenatal chks.  Even better was his care. He was patient, caring, never hurried and cared well when i was pregnant, during delivery and visited me daily at the hospital. While the nxt bedder’s gynae only uttered 2 sentences and went away, Dr Lee stayed much longer. By the way, i had a high risk pregnancy with a large fibroid.  Ladies who want gd care within a reasonable package shd see Dr Lee.

Angeline G

Pushing technique … expedite … labour

As first time parents, Edmund & I had many queries on what to expect for our 1st child. We appreciate Dr James answering to all our worries and queries in depth. On top of that, we learn something new on each visit to the clinic as Dr James shared with us tips and information in regards to pregnancy and labour. It is really valuable as we know what to expect and in fact I am grateful that Dr James spent time explaining on the stages of labour especially the pushing technique which I was told to practice at home. It really helps to expedite the duration of my labour, making my labour process quite a pleasant one. Thank you Dr James!

Our appreciation to bubbly & friendly Pei Xin as well. Thank you for assisting us with the booking of appointment as well as liaising with the hospital on the booking of labour ward and not forgetting the 3D photos of our baby boy that you sent to us upon our request.

Cheers to the team!

Edmund & Feon