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Views from … western & Chinese medical field

My wife Cathy and I will like to express our many thanks to you through Cathy’s first pregnancy. Thank you for being patient, truly caring for your patients/clients and also giving us assurance and the confidence that we are in good hands.

Since our first visit to your clinic, it became very clear that we couldn’t have made a better choice in switching to you from another gynae at the early stages of her pregnancy. We are also glad that you are also well-informed in the field of TCM and is able to offer us your views from both the western and Chinese medical field.

There is genuinity and sincerity in the way you treat and care for your patients and this instill confidence and trust in us and was especially valuable to us first-time parents.

We had already introduced 6-7 parents to engage your professional services and now, everytime I have my insurance clients who’s pregnant and looking for a good gynae, I just tell them to look no further cos you are great.

Once again, thank Dr James for taking the stress out of pregnancy, your patience, your professionalism and your fair prices 🙂

I will also like to compliment Peixin for her great customer service and always being understanding and very helpful to our requests. You have a very valuable help in Peixin and I wish both of you the very best in life and many thanks from the bottom of our hearts 🙂 Cheers


Jeremy & Cathy

Strategy to apply … don’t intend to use epidural

Dy and I were really uncertain about our pregnancy in the beginning. See, we didn’t exactly plan this and we didn’t know what to expect. Thanks to Dr. Lee, we were assured during our very first visit. He was patient and there’s this calmness with the way he spoke that sort of assure us that we are able to do this. I remember when we walked out of the clinic, Dy was commenting on how he think Dr Lee is a good doctor and we should ‘sign on’ until baby is delivered.

So we did and we are really glad, he is consistently this nice!

So…9 months down, my baby arrived 2 weeks before his EDD and thankfully we were prepared because Dr Lee did mention this can happen. He taught us many things including the strategy to apply if we don’t intend to use epidural. And it worked. 🙂

So now, baby is sitting next to me as I type this and I can’t thank Dr Lee enough for helping Dy and myself. If we intend to have no. 2, we know surly who to go back to!

Also, a big thank you to Peixin, who is ever so sweet and helpful! Her sunshine smile never fail to brighten up my evening especially on days when I had a hard day at work.


Pei Jia

Beyond Medical Advice, He Also Touched On Softer Issues

We first went to visit Dr Lee for advice after having tried unsuccessfully to conceive for about a year.  Dr Lee first conducted checks for us to check if there are any medical problems that could affect conception and then counselled us with advice on matters such as timing and psychology. His counselling worked and shortly after, we conceived successfully.

Throughout my pregnancy, Dr Lee was very patient and personable. No matter how long my list of questions was or how weird the questions, he addressed them all and did not just wave them away. He was very pragmatic and never suggested or recommended any unnecessary expensive tests and checks. Beyond medical advice, Dr Lee also touched on softer issues like the stress of handling the baby, the role of the husband etc (all with a touch of humor). We always looked forward to our gynae visits.

PeiXin (the staff nurse) is another gem. She is friendly and considerate. If she gauges that the wait will be long, she will tell us to go for a meal first.  When my water bag broke, it was raining heavily and I was rather panicky and dazed. PeiXin ran out and ensured that I have an umbrella and am alright to go home and prepare to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, despite our best efforts, I was unable to deliver vaginally and decided to go for caesarean operation after 34 hours. Throughout our extended stay in hospital (extended due to own preference), Dr Lee visited almost every day. I am tremendously grateful to him for having taken such good care of me (and my boy) throughout my pregnancy.

With such personal touches, we were never made to feel like just another patient case file number. I will not hesitate to recommend Dr Lee to any of my friends and I look forward to consulting him again once I’m ready for “my next adventure” (as Dr Lee puts it) as well as for regular check-ups. We feel that Doctor Lee is more than just a gynae, he goes beyond dispensing medical advice to give us good counsel on a wide range of matters that concerns conception, pregnancy and childbirth. He is truly a gem!

 Anna and Victor