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Proactive during the entire…pregnancy

This was our second child and the first one was a normal delivery in India. The first pregnancy was very smooth with no complications during the entire term. But this second one was filled with all the effects of pregnancy right from the second month. We found Dr James to be very patient, understanding and proactive during the entire consultation period of the pregnancy. The consultations were sometimes weekly and we were comfortable towards the end that it will be a normal delivery.

The scans were done regularly at the clinic without the hassle of going to the hospital. There was not much medication given which is good. He was very reassuring during the hospital stays at Thomson and gave us the confidence that there is nothing to worry and it is going to be normal. Though our in-laws or parents could not make it from India, we could handle it with the support of Dr Lee.

Dr James had been with us during the journey from March 2011 to delivery on Oct 23 2011, when we had a beautiful girl baby. The final day on 23rd October was a good experience as the first delivery was very smooth with almost no labour pains. We had recommended Dr Lee to our other friends and will continue to do so, as he can judge the patient and guide on the type of delivery. Thank you Dr.


Prathiba & Anbu

What are the attributes you are looking for in a Gynae?

During my 1st pregnancy in 2008, I went to Dr Txx (Jurong East). Every appointment visits lasted less than 10 mins despite the long waiting time as his clinic is always packed with fellow pregnant mummies. My baby boy was induced in December barely 37 weeks, citing baby was not absorbing well. During labour, Dr Txx looked to be in a rush as he keep pressuring me to push harder and left me stranded with the midwife while he went away. Eventually baby was safely delivered via vacuum without asking my hubby to cut the umbilical cord. Dr Txx left soon after. From the nurses, we knew why Dr Txx was in a hurry. To our astonishment, he had scheduled 6 induce on that particular day. No wonder he was shuffling around. When we were supposed to see him a week after discharge, Dr Txx was already off for holidays.   When we were expecting our 2nd baby this year, we were really scouting around for a responsible Gynae. We finally found Dr James Lee (Toa Payoh) after seeing another dismay Gynae prior to him.   Dr Lee is a breath of fresh air. He is approachable and patient. He listen to my problems and explained them in detailed and clearly. He is willing to share his knowledge from taking care of myself to breastfeeding. Every session lasted no less than half an hour. I feel very relax and assured during every visit.   When my water bag burst in his clinic and baby girl rushing out to see the world, Dr Lee’s calmness set me in peace. He was in full control as he set up his place to be an adhoc delivery area while we waited for the arrival of the ambulance.   When we reached Mt Alvenia, baby girl was delivered in less than 10mins in the most natural of way. All this time in labour, Dr Lee was very encouraging. Subsequently, Dr Lee visited me in the morning to check on my well being and shared his knowledge on breastfeeding. He also encouraged me not to give up on breastfeeding. Even my neighbour roomie, asked for his contact as she felt that he was very caring towards me unlike hers.   I would like to thank Dr Lee and his team (Adeline and Pei Xin) for the help rendered throughout the pregnancy and during my ‘unexpected’ labour in the clinic.   Therefore, if you are looking for a Professional, Approachable, Patient, Caring and Ethical Gynae. I would highly recommend Dr Lee to all, as i strongly believed that you will be like me in safe hands of a Great Gynae.

Winny N