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Putting patients above all else…helping us to save costs

My baby girl – Tiffany Chan, has finally arrived to this world on 14th Dec’11 at 10:20hrs. Thank you Dr Lee for being my gynae for my first pregnancy.

In fact Dr Lee wasn’t the gynae I went to when I first found out I was pregnant months ago. It was Dr Kxx whom I sought after for consultations and check-up instead.  However, the lack of professionallism of Dr Kxx’s clinic staff in handling patient information privacy and its long waiting time (approx. 3 to 4hrs) for each check-up despite with prior appointment had led me to choose Dr Lee as my gynae. Me and hubby are grateful we have make the right decision!!

Throughout my pregnancy, constipation was the main discomfort I faced rather than morning sickness. Dr Lee was very patient and professional in nailing down my problem and providing me advices to improve my condition. He always been so soft-spoken and practical in giving us thorough explanations to tonnes of questions we asked. We felt so comfortable in sharing our concerns of this first pregnancy with him – be it emotional, psychological or cost saving related concens. That is how trustworthy we had for Dr Lee. Also, Dr Lee offered us useful information on pre-natal exercises and breastfeeding. He always putting the patients above all else by helping us to save costs and only spend it when is necessary.

Approacing my EDD, he explained the key things I should prepare for, 3rd trimester problems I may encounter, and the dos and don’ts during labor & etc. He was so caring in detail out the important information the first time parent should embrace with no hurry or rush to end the consultation. We believed that there is no other gynae can be as caring, trustworthy and professional as Dr Lee does.

On the day I admitted for induction labor, Dr Lee had given clear instructions to the nurses to ensure I would be in good hands for vaginal delivery. However, due to my allergy to obstetrics creams hence the planned process was distrupted. We were panic as my contraction pain had started with irregular interval and I could neither stand up nor walk.  Luckily Dr Lee was there for us and with his presence we felt so much more confident. At that critical moment, he was very calm in planning for me to have elective C-section rather than “emergency” one, of which the latter would result in higher cost. With Dr Lee’s professional skill, the entire procedure only took about an hour and my little princess was delivered safe & sound :-). The pain intensity was below my expectation and I could walk effortlessly on the following day. Oh ya….also, he had not forgotten to my earlier request for getting me a female anaesthetist for epidural injection. YOU ARE THE BEST DR LEE !!

Thank you once again to Dr Lee and his clinic staff (Pei Xin and Adeline) for everything you all have done for us. We sincerely appeciate for your precious advices and assistance throughout this nine-month. Hats off to you all!!


Cheers, Jenny and Gino

His dedication assured us…

It was an unplanned pregnancy & I was pretty undecided as I had taken my first dose of Cervarix. My husband and i went to the hospital to consult a doctor, and we wanted an abortion. The wait in the hospital was long, and we had a very brief talk with the doctor.

Lost, we decided to get a second opinion and I visited Dr Lee. Dr Lee was very patient and spent almost an hour addressing my concerns. Dr Lee became our gynae when we decided to keep the baby. Every visit to the gynae was a lesson we looked forward to. He touched on topics such as breastfeeding, pain relief etc.  All these were very useful to us, and his dedication assured us that the baby was in good hands.

We now have a healthy and adorable baby boy, and we are very grateful we brought him into this world! Thank you Dr Lee, for all your patience and kindness! Not forgetting the nice nurses too! 🙂

Lynn N

He listened to our problem

Two weeks ago, we were lost and anxious for a few days when XX hospital called us and informed that one of our twins had some abnormal finding in the detail-scan. We are glad that we met Dr Lee. We actually approached him very suddenly to seek a second opinion. He is approachable and patient. He listened to our problem and immediately gave us the referral letter to a second hospital for a repeat fetal anomaly scan. The next day, we went through the scan a second time. We met Dr Lee the same day with the report. He clearly explained the results. Thanks to God! Both our baby are normal. We truly appreciated Dr Lee for being so patient with us, and took effort to eliminate our worries. We felt very comfortable with him and the nurses in the clinic are friendly and helpful too. The waiting time is not too long and the cost is reasonable. We will surely recommend Dr Lee to our friend.

Once again, Dr Lee thank you very much!

Lawrence & Vijane