Monthly Archives: October 2011

The right doctor for us…

I went searching for a gynae after I found out I’m pregnant and after “shopping” for 3 gynaes, my husband and I decided on Dr Lee as our gynae. Dr Lee is very patient and caring. As I have gestational diabetes, he bothers to take his time to explain through diet plans, the effects diabetes has on the baby etc. This is unlike some gynaes whom we have seen, and just rushes through the checkups. I think Dr Lee is indeed the right doctor for us and our baby and we will rely on him for years to come.


May W

Never hesitates to spend more time to explain & assure

Dr James has been very patient and attentive during all the consultations I’ve had with him. He is very pleasant and understands the queries I have as a first time mother-to-be, and never hesitates to spend more time to explain and assure my husband and I. We are very assured and happy with our decision to choose him as our gynae for our first child. Apart from that, it’s also important that the TPY clinic is very accessible. Waiting time has never been unnecessarily long, and on top of that, the clinic has a friendly and soothing atmosphere. Overall, we are very satisfied and will definitely recommend Dr James to our friends 🙂

Grace B